Discourse Communities: To Which Do I Belong?

There are many discourse communities to which an individual can belong. These communities can range from a few people to thousands, from web-based to personal, or from simple to complex. I personally belong to multiple groups; below, I will draw out a list and provide a brief explanation of each.

Music Brings Us Together

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I gather with a group of friends to play music. This group is usually eight people strong, but recently we have gained an immense amount of popularity–upward of twenty individuals have performed at least for one session with us.

More Than Forty Members Strong

I am involved in an online group of players on the widely-popular mobile game “Clash of Clans.” Every two days we are pitted against other groups to attempt to defeat them in what is called “clan wars.” This group I find very fun to talk with–one of them is from Canada and drives a zamboni (the ice polisher of hockey rinks), something not very often seen.

Alumnus of a High School Band

I am an alumnus of my high school, obviously; and, given the prior knowledge that I am a musician, I was in the high school band. I am still in touch with many of my cohorts in the band to date.

Close Friends

I spend much of my weekends at three friends’ house doing laundry and conversing. I often talk tech and games with one of them, and we have recently picked up a card game to pass the time.

Importance of Music

In deeper analysis, I find that the strongest community to which I belong is that of the musical group of which I am a part. Our “mission,” if it can really be called that, is simply to play music and entertain others, for free. Just yesterday–Wednesday, October 28th–we had one of the largest gatherings of musicians: twenty-two students, all trained in some form, sang and played instruments together throughout the day. In some sense, that could be our real mission–to instill confidence in singers, so that they might join us and enjoy playing music with us. The ways of which we communicate varies from texting to third-party applications to personal conversations; and through these methods we plan times to gather together and provide free entertainment.


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